The Life of Steven Paul Jobs – Infographic

Steve Jobs,a charismatic pioneer of the personal Computer Revolution.  He has left his mark on no less than five industries: personal computers with Apple II and Macintosh, music with iPod and iTunes, phone with iPhone, and animation with Pixar.He has changed millions of lives by making technology easy-to-use,exciting and beautiful…

This is a Infographic   grabbed from  Infographicworld  about the timeline of  the great genius Steve Jobs.

Source: Infographicworld




10 comments on “The Life of Steven Paul Jobs – Infographic

  1. Steve Jobs was a true visionary plus a great CEO because he cared for what his company was making. When i sit here typing this on my Macbook Pro while checking my emails in my iPad. Going how much associated with an impact Apple has experienced on just playing alone. Rest in peace Mr Jobs you’ve touched millions of people with consumer technology even though they’re not fully conscious of the great man that helped create them, you may be greatly missed.

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