Easy Ways to send Executable Files Via Gmail

We all love Gmail for its astonishing set of features and storage ability. But when it comes to security they take strict measures which might sometimes hinder our normal activity too.One such thing is thatGmail does not allow us to send EXE files as attachment.Let us see simple ways to overcome this. It’s believed that Gmail actually does not scan the nature of the file but only checks for file extension.So many exploit this by renaming the file extension but it poses threat of corrupting the file itself, so lets see other alternatives to send exe files via Gmail.

1) Via Ms-Word Document:

              Open Microsoft Word now drag and drop your exe file into the document.It will be embedded as an object.Now save the document as usual and send the document as attachment to your recipient.

At the receiving end all you need to do is open the document and double click the embedded object this will run your EXE file!

2) Via WinRar

Download WinRAR and zip your EXE using Winrar.Now attach the zipped document .You should be able to send without any problem.


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