6th Grader iPhone App Developer:Thomas Suarez

Did we Ever Thought How to Design a Apps for iPhone? well,Thomas Suarez, a 6th grader who does exactly that.

Thomas Suarez

Thomas Suarez is in the 6th grade at a middle school in the South Bay. And while most of his peers are probably playing Playstation games or watching the Disney channel, he’s creating iOS apps and giving TED Talks. Suarez, who’s not even old enough to have a Facebook account, has been fascinated by computers and technology since before kindergarten. He’s established his own company, CarrotCorp and has made two iOS apps that are currently in the App Store: Earth Fortune, which displays different colors of Earth depending on what your fortune is and his most successful another app is whack-a-mole styled game called Bustin Jieber. CarrotCorp sells four mobile applications for the iOS platform – two are free and two others sell for $0.99 each.

“A lot of kids these days like to play games, but now they want to make them,” he says. “And it’s difficult because not many kids know where to go to find out how to make a program…And not many parents have written apps.” Suarez, inspired by Steve Jobs, started an App Club at school where any student can come to learn to design an app. In the future, Suarez wants to create more apps, more games and get into Android programming and development. He plans on continuing his app club and find other ways for students to share knowledge with others.

Knowing that human beings such as Suarez exist makes really hopeful and excited for the future. Watch his TED Talk from the recent TEDx conference in Manhattan Beach below.

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4 comments on “6th Grader iPhone App Developer:Thomas Suarez

  1. I did an article on this kid and was absolutely blown away by his skills. The apps he has made may have been simple, buy boy it shows how much skill he has in such a short time of learning to code!

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