Apologize(no.2) Me Admirers!!!

Hmm… I think it’s 2 weeks and 2 days that i have not blogged.I didn’t Posted anything.I didn’t Even Replied to the  Comments.Some may get disappointed about the blog and Some might get angry too.Some might think that Am Gone.For That True Admirers I here to remember You that

As I mentioned Earlier

I may Stop for Some Reasons But I May Not Quit at Any Cause.


The Reasons for saying this is…

I wanna be a true for anything that im doing. i am not interested in writing about something else without having any charisma in it like my exam answer sheets lol:) Especially In this Blog i want to Show all my expressions ,interactions and more… because later some years when i see this Blog it could have some interesting memories of  Life( Life means not only mine but also the view of present World) not an old technology info’s only.
Here is my Apology no.2.
The Reason for my Apology is After the New year Holidays i got lot of assignments in my  College and i was made busy by my Academics and stress due to some personal problems made me not to touch the PC.So, Kindly grant me permission  for .Oops!!!My old School days remembrance! So,Accept my Apologize Admirers!!!
You may guess that why i have mentioned as Apology no.2 Yep, This is not the end for my Apology it may  Continue in the future also so, ready to Count it but i assure You that i ll give reasons for  my Apologies. because i have wrote lot of Apology letters in  my School days! lol 🙂
                  Another thing that i want to share You is In these  past days i didn’t touched the  Blog but i always thought about the  blog and i need to Change lot of things in this Blog like My Writing Styles,Writing Content,New Topics etc…
I thought to Introduce some topics like
  • Me and The Universe
  • The Things Which made me Exceptional and more…
I think this is the Correct time to make it.
Visit the Page  “Me and The Universe” to know more About it.
Have a Wonderful Each Moment!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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