A Indian Folk Rythm Which making the Viral Record!!!

“Why This Kolaveri Di” is a Tamil song  from the soundtrack of the upcoming Tamil film 3, which is due to be released in 2012. Written and sung by actor Dhanush, the song was composed by music director Anirudh Ravichander.The lyrics were conjured up in a simple form of Tanglish (mixture of Tamil and English) – meant to depict a drunk boy singing about his rejection by his girlfriend; the title means Why This Murderous Rage, Girl?

     Upon release, the hashtag #kolaveri topped the Indian trends in Twitter on the evening of 21 November 2011. Within a week of the official release of the video, it received more than 1.3 million views on YouTube, more than 1 million shares on Facebook, while trending in India on Twitter the whole time. The song is also a hit among non-Tamils, apparently due to the Tanglish lyrics. By 30 November 2011 it had more than 10,500,000 YouTube views.[16]. By the start of 2012, it had crossed 30 million Youtube views.The song became the top downloaded song on mobile with 2,10,000 downloads within the first 18 days of release. On 24 November 2011, this song became the first Tamil film song to premier on MTV India. The song had achieved 16 million hits on YouTube as of 5 December 2011. The song and versions of it account for almost 40 million of YouTube’s total views.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh invited Dhanush, for the dinner party along with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, in his New Delhi residence, India.The song was named the Best Song of 2011 by CNN.

Want to  Hear that Song huh? Here it Comes for You…

Holiday Wishes From Google Android Team

This Year is Somewhat special for Webbies because we got a lot of gifts from Google,Facebook and more…

Now Google Android Team wishes Us a Happy Holidays.hey have decorated their offices with lots of stuff to celebrate Christmas. Look at the video below.

My Best-Loved Music Ever…

This is a Theme Music from a Movie named “Aayirathil  Oruvan”  which means “One Man in a Thousand” .

The Movie is not a Popular one but the Music and the Songs are Incredible. I love them all.

This Music Arouses Your Energy and Stimulates Your Thoughts…

I Just want to Share With You all…

Just Hear it in a Calm Place and feel it…

Merry Christmas To Everyone!!!

Hi  Buddies!!!

This is the Time For Us To Celebrate the day with Hugs,Gifts for loved ones,dance with Jingle Bells,a New life with colorful Candles,Plays with Snow man,meet up with Santa Claus and   more….

I(Charismatick) Wishes  a Very Very Very Merry Christmas to You and Your Family!!!!

Forget all the Disappointments You had in the Past life

Forget all the Sorrows…

Begin a New life with Love,Peace and Joy.

Love U all…

Lets start our Christmas eve with this favorite Song…



6th Grader iPhone App Developer:Thomas Suarez

Did we Ever Thought How to Design a Apps for iPhone? well,Thomas Suarez, a 6th grader who does exactly that.

Thomas Suarez

Thomas Suarez is in the 6th grade at a middle school in the South Bay. And while most of his peers are probably playing Playstation games or watching the Disney channel, he’s creating iOS apps and giving TED Talks. Suarez, who’s not even old enough to have a Facebook account, has been fascinated by computers and technology since before kindergarten. He’s established his own company, CarrotCorp and has made two iOS apps that are currently in the App Store: Earth Fortune, which displays different colors of Earth depending on what your fortune is and his most successful another app is whack-a-mole styled game called Bustin Jieber. CarrotCorp sells four mobile applications for the iOS platform – two are free and two others sell for $0.99 each.

“A lot of kids these days like to play games, but now they want to make them,” he says. “And it’s difficult because not many kids know where to go to find out how to make a program…And not many parents have written apps.” Suarez, inspired by Steve Jobs, started an App Club at school where any student can come to learn to design an app. In the future, Suarez wants to create more apps, more games and get into Android programming and development. He plans on continuing his app club and find other ways for students to share knowledge with others.

Knowing that human beings such as Suarez exist makes really hopeful and excited for the future. Watch his TED Talk from the recent TEDx conference in Manhattan Beach below.

Must Watch Video: