Me and The Universe

The Story Behind the Topic:                                                                                                                     When I started Thinking to create a Blog I was in very Confusion for choosing the main Subject for the Blog  Either A or B or neither.The Choice A is “The Blog about The Life,The Inspirations,Reasons for living, My Life Experiences etc…The Choice B is “The Blog about Technology Updates and Present World’s Growth” Everything Needs a Inspiration so,I like to Share about the Inspirational&Motivational things among others.At the same time I like Technology very much wish to share and learn more about it.I cannot manage two blogs at the same time(I think  the reason U knows huh!)

After Some days At last, I Intended to Create a Blog that Contains both Technology and Inspirational things that is “Charismatick”.The Main Objective of this Blog is to Highlight the  Inspirations in Every field of the life whether it technology,my life,stories,whatever it is no matters.When you noticed the Posts in this Blog All Should Contains Some Inspirations in it.

But,After I created it.The Blog  Changes fully as Technical one.I wanted to maintain the equalization but i didn’,I realized it.So,Here onwards this Blog Contains Stuffs Equally on both Inspirational life  and Inspirational Technologies.

About the Topic:

                   “Me and The Universe” is about the things which I have Learn(ed)/(ing),Experienced(ed)/(ing) and Things that Happens around Me.This Series is not only about My Life  also about the Everything that Happens in   this World….

More Changes  Coming Soon….

Thanks for Listening Up.

This is Charismatick! (Pseudonym)                                                                                          (a Creature of God)


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