“Billion Dollar Hippy” Steve Jobs documentary from the BBC

The hour-long BBC documentary “Billion Dollar Hippy” about Steve Jobs has been posted up on YouTube. It’s a great watch, featuring interviews by Steve Wozniak, Stephen Fry, Tim Berners-Lee, John Sculley and more, talking about Jobs’ influence on technology and culture.

I mean, come on, it starts with Chariots of Fire playing in the background. Watch it while you can!


The Life of Steven Paul Jobs – Infographic

Steve Jobs,a charismatic pioneer of the personal Computer Revolution.  He has left his mark on no less than five industries: personal computers with Apple II and Macintosh, music with iPod and iTunes, phone with iPhone, and animation with Pixar.He has changed millions of lives by making technology easy-to-use,exciting and beautiful…

This is a Infographic   grabbed from  Infographicworld  about the timeline of  the great genius Steve Jobs.

Source: Infographicworld