Cadbury Personalized Chocolate Bars for Google Founders

I have read this information  today afternoon in a Tech. site. It Impressed me a lot.  Cadbury has made personalized Dairy Milk+1 Chocolate bars for Google Founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page! This is the first time  to have Cadbury personalized bars, so this seems to be a new trend to advertise Google +1.The interesting ting is You can also have your name on a Cadbury chocolate bar if you Influential to get it.


Cadbury had earlier also made some 1kg  Dairy Milk+1 bars, with the tagline – the Cadbury bar that’s great for sharing.  They also ran a Google+ competition in UK and Ireland to give people a chance to win a unique 1kg Dairy Milk+1 chocolate bar.

Don’t You love to have a Cadbury Chocolate with your name on it?