A Indian Folk Rythm Which making the Viral Record!!!

“Why This Kolaveri Di” is a Tamil song  from the soundtrack of the upcoming Tamil film 3, which is due to be released in 2012. Written and sung by actor Dhanush, the song was composed by music director Anirudh Ravichander.The lyrics were conjured up in a simple form of Tanglish (mixture of Tamil and English) – meant to depict a drunk boy singing about his rejection by his girlfriend; the title means Why This Murderous Rage, Girl?

     Upon release, the hashtag #kolaveri topped the Indian trends in Twitter on the evening of 21 November 2011. Within a week of the official release of the video, it received more than 1.3 million views on YouTube, more than 1 million shares on Facebook, while trending in India on Twitter the whole time. The song is also a hit among non-Tamils, apparently due to the Tanglish lyrics. By 30 November 2011 it had more than 10,500,000 YouTube views.[16]. By the start of 2012, it had crossed 30 million Youtube views.The song became the top downloaded song on mobile with 2,10,000 downloads within the first 18 days of release. On 24 November 2011, this song became the first Tamil film song to premier on MTV India. The song had achieved 16 million hits on YouTube as of 5 December 2011. The song and versions of it account for almost 40 million of YouTube’s total views.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh invited Dhanush, for the dinner party along with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, in his New Delhi residence, India.The song was named the Best Song of 2011 by CNN.

Want to  Hear that Song huh? Here it Comes for You…


Facebook Messenger for Windows

Another Rejoice For Facebook Junkies after the Timeline!

Facebook has released Messenger Client for Windows.Facebook Messenger for Windows as a standalone desktop app with which we can use without visiting the website facebook.com

After the beta leaked  late Thursday, Facebook officially released the Messenger for Windows desktop client mere hours later.  With Facebook Messenger, you can chat with your Facebook friends, check the latest updates from your friends and also get notifications.

The app will be residing in your Windows system tray.you can easily do Facebook login and log out by right-clicking the Facebook icon.Keep the “Keep me logged in” option on the login page checked.

choosing Exit will close the app but still keep you logged into Facebook; OR choose Log out to completely log out of both the Messenger app and facebook.com particularly,  if you are on a shared computer.

Limitations :

  • Only for Windows 7
  • Chatting with a group is not possible
  • Video calling not Possible
  • Other settings like limiting chat availability are not yet activated.
  • It is a trial application. So you are bound to expect some bugs.

 Download Facebook Messenger for Windows 7.

You can also download Facebook Messenger App for mobile phones (available for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone)

Activate Your Facebook Timeline Now!

                   Facebook’s Latest Service Timeline is Now Available for Everyone Worldwide.Timeline allows you to compile and let others see everything they have shared so far from photos to stories to shared music and videos.Timeline was announced by Facebook at the F8 Conference earlier in the month of September.It was Globally  Rolled out Yesterday.

you can activate Facebook Timeline for your Facebook profile right now.

Activate Facebook Timeline

To Get Facebook Timeline right now, follow the steps –

1. Go to  Introducing Timeline page and click “Get Timeline” at bottom of the page. (If you prefer to wait, a profile alert will appear as the feature rolls out on your profile).

2. Then you are taken to your preview Timeline page.

3.  At the top right are options appear to Take a Tour or Publish your Timeline.

4. Clicking on Public will make your Timeline live right now. Its a good idea to take a Timeline Tour.

7  Day Timeline Preview

Here are a few facts before you decide to publish your timeline and make it public and live on the internet to your friends.

  • When you upgrade to timeline, you have only 7 days to review it
  • Only you can see your timeline during your 7-day preview.
  • You can publish your timeline anytime during those 7 days.
  • If you don’t publish timeline in 7 days, it will go live automatically after seven days.
  • Your new timeline will replace your profile, but all your stories and photos will still be there.

Facebook,Google+,Youtube – 1997 styles

Just Imagine! How it Would have looked if the Facebook,Youtube and Google+are Worked in 1997’s.

Facebook, with no real-names policy and photos displayed in an ugly grey table; YouTube, with a choice of encoding options to select before you watch a video, and Google+, where Circles of contacts are displayed as far easier to render squares. Be prepared for a wait though – the recreations are limited to 8kbps transfer speeds, as if you were loading it on a particularly slow dial-up connection.

Wanna Figure out Your Imagination of those sites?

Here ,Once Upon is a brilliant project that has recreated three popular sites from today as if they were built in the dial-up era, in 1997.


Google Launches “Schemer”-a New Location Service

This December is Going to be a Unforgettable Month for those who have craze on Social Networks.Twitter, Facebook, and Google all getting into the act of launching new products and features.

Now,Google has announced a new product called “Schemer” which aims to help Us to discover a new places.

Here’s how the company describes it:

Whether it’s exploring a new city, checking out a friend’s movie recommendations, or just finding new activities for your weekends, Schemer lets you discover new things to do, share schemes with friends, and make the most of your day.We’re a scrappy team of Google engineers who wanted to help people do fun stuff in the real world. So we went ahead and built Schemer! We hope you like it.Schemer is currently in beta and invite only but add us on Google+ to get exclusive information and invitations to join.
To Get the Updates and Invitation Google Advises Us to

Follow them on Google+.


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Facebook Flaws Exposes CEO’s Private Photos

The Wall Street Journal reports  that a Facebook flaw has exposed private photos of Mark  Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO. In a post made on Nov. 27 on the web forum BodyBuilding.com, an anonymous blogger listed step-by-step instructions on how to access photos uploaded by other Facebook members, even if the images had been marked as private.

Later a blogger tried the steps and used it to publish a private photo of Mark Zuckerberg. However, Facebook has fixed the flaw now.

In a statement, a Facebook spokesman said the flaw

“was the result of one of our recent code pushes and was live for a limited period of time. Upon discovering the bug, we immediately disabled the system, and will only return functionality once we can confirm the bug has been fixed..”

The settlement requires Facebook “to establish and maintain a comprehensive privacy program,” the FTC said at the time.

The posting of Mr. Zuckerberg’s photos Tuesday recalls a similar attack staged in January, when a hacker appeared to post a message purporting to be by the CEO that suggested the company raise funding from its own users rather than banks.
To Watch the discussion on this topic in the video of The Wall Street Journal

7 Top Reasons for getting Hacked

A few weeks ago, I  attended a Workshop on “Ethical Hacking” with the recommendation of my senior. It was Two days Workshop.It was about   Why we get hacked by hackers?How to prevent  from being hacked?How to get back the hacked account? etc…From that workshop I learned lots of  facts about Hacking.Based on Survey report 85% of Systems are already hacked by Hackers like our Facebook accounts,twitter and other social networks websites.Still,many of the users don’t have knowledge about the hacking.From the lessons I learned I  give you some Reasons why our accounts getting hacked. Make Use of it to Save your Accounts from Hackers…

1) Make a strong password:

          most of the folks Password  are easily crackable by Hackers.  So,Don’t use your name, mobile number or anything else.  A strong password should consists  alphabets, numbers and special characters. A password of 10 words is good. Don’t use the same password for number of accounts so that we can protect your account from being hacked.

2) Change your passwords regularly.

                        Don’t use the same password for a long period of time. Change your Password for all your accounts in a particular interval of time.

3) Make strong privacy settings

                            Add mobile number and secondary  email id in privacy settings. Mobile number will help you to easily recover your password.  Don’t click on suspicious links which are displayed anywhere on the browser. For Secure Privacy setting  Always use custom privacy setting.

4. Links, messages, posts:

Don’t click on the  Suspicious links which are displayed anywhere on the sites. If you got any message which consists of suspicious links then immediately delete them. Don’t believe on the advertisements which are displayed saying that you earn this much and Dont Believe on the unwanted posts on the sites.

5) Always Check the  login page 

Always check the URL on the address bar. Those pages will never have same addresses. If you enter your email id & password in those pages then hacker will come to know about your email id & password. Then hacker will login & cause trouble. Immediately change password.

6) Social Engineering:

          Social Engineering means The Person who wants to hack Your accounts act like your pal and  gain basic information about you like name, mobile number, place you live, postal code, birth date etc..  Then they sent mail to the account company with all the details and claiming that the ownership. Today many people also use Security question for hacking accounts. So never share your security question with anyone.

7)  Keylogging, Key Stroking:

              Keylogging, KeyStroking are more dangerous.  They send you photo, file or anything else. So the programs automatically get installed in your computer.If you have saved your password in your browser then password automatically goes to attacker or hack.

I hope it ll be useful for you…

Integrate facebook with Google+

Google+ is the latest and hottest  social networking site.But many of us use both social networking site Fb & Google+.For them now they can integrate Google+ and facebook and can see the news feed,latest status updates,and other such logs of both from a single window.google has added a plugin named Google+Facebook, which will add an extra tab in your google+ a/c. using which you can access your Facebook news feed,and other such logs.From you can also like,comment,post,update your status,send messages etc.Google+Facebook plugin extension is available for Google Chrome,Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.The Plugin appears like this

Here Get  the Plugin For Google+Facebook