Hidden Features in Google Search

In our Busy Life to find out the particular content in the Internet consumes little bit of time. By Knowing this Google Hidden Tricks it made much Easier to find out the Particular content that we are looking for.

Some of the Hidden Features in Google Search:

  • Google trick to  search different file formats (keyword filetype:doc)
  •  Google trick to search educational resources (keywordsite:.edu)
  • Finding the time of any location (time Germany)
  • To Ask the Question Use asterisk(*)at the part of the sentence  (steve jobs died in *)
  • Finding the weather of any location (Bangalore weather)
  • Tracking commentary of live events (Olympic games Beijing 2008)
  • Using Google as a calculator (9 * 10)(143+234)(119-8)
  • Converting currencies (1 USD in INR)(10 US Dollars in Indian Rupee)
  • Find how many teaspoons are in a quarter cup (quarter cup in teaspoons)
  • How many seconds there are in a year (seconds in a year)
  • Using  it as a Translator(translate:Hola to:English)
  • Tracking  Stocks(stocks:MSFT)
  •  If you put in a flight number, the top result is the status of the flight. It’s a direct link to information available on flightstats.com. Eg:Enter AA825 and it will immediately show you the status of the flight. It will show you the gate and terminal when it lands.