JotForm is the Best!

JotForm forms creation helps you collect and organize information securely. It allows for payment collection and file upload, along with analytics.


Quick Facts

Interlogy, LLC



Basic features

JotForm provides WYSIWYG drag-and-drop forms creation for information collection for applications like market research, customer feedback, job applications and many others. It allows for payment collection and file upload, along with analytics.

Key features

JotForm’s website is very welcoming. You can go immediately into creating a form, without going through account set up or registration. This is a very smart move because you will quickly discover how easy it is to set up a form. That ease of use might just inspire you to sign up on the spot and not look any further. What a great marketing idea that is.

JotForm includes more than 30 template forms designed for job applications, file uploaders, charitable contributions, reservations, RSVPs, time sheets, bug tracking and more. Forms are easily customizable with a library of drag and drop fields that you can easily move around until the form is exactly the way you want it.

You can also customize the look of your form to reflect company branding or personal preferences. You might want your wedding RSVP site to look warmer and more welcoming than your conference registration and payment collection form. That’s not a problem with JotForm. You can choose from pre-defined designs or create your own to suit the occasion.

After creating a form, you can copy the source code and embed it into your own website.

JotForm allows you to embed payment management from PayPal, PayPal Website Payments Pro, Authorize.Net , Google Checkout, Worldpay, 2checkout, Clickbank and OneBip.

JotForm provides graphical analytical tools for slicing data. The reports look great, as you would expect from a company that touts their WYSIWYG capabilities so highly.

JotForm has tons of short tutorials and videos ton their site to walk you through the trickier aspects of forms creation. The user interface is so intuitive that you will be unlikely to need them, although it’s good to know they are there. There’s also an online user guide that is more like a FAQ on steroids. It is very easy to navigate and find exactly the information you need to complete a project.

JotForm has a monitored forum where employees help people through issues. Response is quick and polite. Other forum members also chime in to help out community newcomers.

Platforms and synchronization

Forms can be embedded in your website, or on Facebook and Tumblr. You can also embed them in iPhone or iPad, Android and Blackberry apps.


Compared to similar apps

JotForm is a serviceable application that provides WYSIWYG form design. It’s not as flashy as Wufoo, but it gets the job done just as well. One big advantage is that they don’t put ads on forms, even if you subscribe to the free version. You never have to worry about your customer’s reactions to unexpected ads from your forms.

Pricing and license

JotForm has three pricing levels. Free provides unlimited forms, fields and submissions along with 100MB of storage. You can also receive 10 payments a month and you get 100 submissions and 10 SSL connections. For $9.95 per month you can get 10 GB of storage and 1,000 submissions, 1,000 payments and 1,000 SSL Connections. The next level, the professional, costs $49.95 per month, provides 100 GB of storage and 1 million each of submissions, payments and connections.

You can cancel or downgrade your plan at any time, and if you cancel within the first 30 days they’ll give you a full refund. Support is included in all pricing models.

JotForm also licenses their technology for use inside corporations for things like 360° personnel feedback. You can also license it to embed in your product.

Bottom Line

JotForm is a terrific forms creation tool that offers a lot of value for a very low subscription price. Although not as flashy as Wufoo, it’s cheaper and miles ahead of most other competitors. JotForm is worth taking a look at.