7 Top Reasons for getting Hacked

A few weeks ago, I  attended a Workshop on “Ethical Hacking” with the recommendation of my senior. It was Two days Workshop.It was about   Why we get hacked by hackers?How to prevent  from being hacked?How to get back the hacked account? etc…From that workshop I learned lots of  facts about Hacking.Based on Survey report 85% of Systems are already hacked by Hackers like our Facebook accounts,twitter and other social networks websites.Still,many of the users don’t have knowledge about the hacking.From the lessons I learned I  give you some Reasons why our accounts getting hacked. Make Use of it to Save your Accounts from Hackers…

1) Make a strong password:

          most of the folks Password  are easily crackable by Hackers.  So,Don’t use your name, mobile number or anything else.  A strong password should consists  alphabets, numbers and special characters. A password of 10 words is good. Don’t use the same password for number of accounts so that we can protect your account from being hacked.

2) Change your passwords regularly.

                        Don’t use the same password for a long period of time. Change your Password for all your accounts in a particular interval of time.

3) Make strong privacy settings

                            Add mobile number and secondary  email id in privacy settings. Mobile number will help you to easily recover your password.  Don’t click on suspicious links which are displayed anywhere on the browser. For Secure Privacy setting  Always use custom privacy setting.

4. Links, messages, posts:

Don’t click on the  Suspicious links which are displayed anywhere on the sites. If you got any message which consists of suspicious links then immediately delete them. Don’t believe on the advertisements which are displayed saying that you earn this much and Dont Believe on the unwanted posts on the sites.

5) Always Check the  login page 

Always check the URL on the address bar. Those pages will never have same addresses. If you enter your email id & password in those pages then hacker will come to know about your email id & password. Then hacker will login & cause trouble. Immediately change password.

6) Social Engineering:

          Social Engineering means The Person who wants to hack Your accounts act like your pal and  gain basic information about you like name, mobile number, place you live, postal code, birth date etc..  Then they sent mail to the account company with all the details and claiming that the ownership. Today many people also use Security question for hacking accounts. So never share your security question with anyone.

7)  Keylogging, Key Stroking:

              Keylogging, KeyStroking are more dangerous.  They send you photo, file or anything else. So the programs automatically get installed in your computer.If you have saved your password in your browser then password automatically goes to attacker or hack.

I hope it ll be useful for you…